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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  August 12, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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impressed" with the anne arundel county police department despite house some felt john leopold left it, some said, in shambles. it is a new chapter for anne arundel accounting. >> it has been followed by drama for so long. there have been so many challenges. >> laura newman announces a new beginning for law enforcement in her county, releasing the scope of an independent task force formed in may to review allegations of wrongdoing brought on by the past administration. former executive john leopold resigned in january after being found two -- being found guilty misconduct in of office. the law enforcement officers got dragged into the match and was not fair. >> their hard work was
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overshadowed by the scandal and the drama. it is a very dedicated and special group of folks. >> it is made up of a group of retired law-enforcement officials led by fred b. field -- fred bealefeld. he said it is working like a well oiled machine and the county executive would just have to make some tweaks. >> we thought a distraction at theommand level that predominated the discussion. i think she has gone a long way to fixing the problem. >> the report consisted of 10 different recommendations, including hiring a permanent chief of police, which the county did with chief davis, reviewing how officers get promoted and fixing a compression issues, reviewing process, and hiring
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additional staff. on the issue of the protection unit, which ended up being a huge the warning john leopold's side, chief tavis said even like to the things the way they are. >> i very comfortable with the protection of these warning police officers. the mistakes made in the past had nothing to do with the structure. >> executive newman also told reporters it would be a work in progress, one that would last for years to come. tax break forion baltimore city is on the line for a developer who wants to build a piece of land between harbor eased and fells point. we're talking about the controversy of harbor port project. an update for us. >> the most controversial part
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of this whole thing if the tax break. the city wants to use tax dollars to help finance, and moments ago they took a preliminary vote on it. and they passed it. a final vote will happen sometime next month. the mayor has fraud -- has called this a project that would and taxesands of jobs for the city. there is also supposed to be high end of living space and retail along with a hotel. the tax break from the city is supposed to help pay for infrastructure and other improvements to the site of the project. opponents of the tax-free deal are skeptical about it and who will actually benefit. it should give a tax break to the surrounding neighborhood and city schools. >> it really does contribute to of lifting the people that live in that community.
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this would be an intentional, direct benefit to a developer. i don't see that the residents of the surrounding community are going to benefit. the city council took a preliminary vote on its financing idea of a taxpayer financing idea for a harbor. . they passed it. a final vote is expected to happen september 9. >> too many americans are spending too much time in prison, u.s. attorney general eric holder said today. he made some moves to keep fewer of them behind bars. step one would be pot smokers being charged with lesser crimes. >> arrested with marijuana possession, a child daycare workers said he locked out and got probation. >> one of my friends got five
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years for marijuana. >> and that is the federal minimum for crack cocaine possession. someone shen said knows? 10 years for pot. >> and nobody cares about them. the attorney general is ordering several prosecutors not to charge nonviolent drug users with a seventh have mandatory multi-year sentences. we do need the threat of incarceration to get people to comply with drug treatment. but the prison -- >> but the prism of the nation is 40% overcapacity. povertyicious cycle of and incarceration traps too many americans and weakens to many communities.
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he says he has had a steady job since he avoided jail, but his friend locked up for five years for pot possession have not worked since. >> there is already support in congress from both political parties. this week's convention, organizers say they will move it to d.c. because the baltimore convention center is reportedly in bad shape. >> and that could have the same effect on other big banks. >> ayanna ratings training camp -- i'm at ravens training camp. >> showers and storms moving through the west virginia mountains and in this general direction. [ dad ] so i walked into that dealer's office
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>> we are following breaking news in east baltimore, reports of an mta bus accident. taylor. to captain roy >> this is the eastbound as you approach edison highway. it is in a precarious situation where it has pretty much shut down traffic. we are still trying to get more information.
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>> concern is mounting over baltimore is economic future when it comes to tourism it all starts with a japanese convention. >> it is being moved to d.c. because the convention center downtown is reportedly in bad shape. >> this news comes just days before baltimore holds its annual meeting. it is expected to announce that 2014 will be a banner year for tourism. still, the news that the convention is leaving baltimore shines out on the convention center. how thousands flocked to the city of baltimore for the japanese and asian culture convention. impact of $10omic million. says organizers announced they are pulling out
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after 2015. it has outgrown baltimore. >> in a few years mi5 over 50,000 people. i accommodate now, they're having to use the entire convention center and several plaza areas around the city as well as hotel space. holds 35 city-wide conventions each year, but still, losing this one puts the spotlight back on expansion. >> we are doing well and it is full. but what is our long-term growth strategy. -- strategy? we need to look at how we're growing ourselves. >> others agree. >> the fact that it has outgrown baltimore is a signal that we need to be preparing for the future. >> there are no immediate plans to tear down buildings and start fresh. but what remains on the table is a proposal from years past. >> the committee a couple of
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years ago proposed the concept in collaboration with the sheraton hotel. cornerraton hotel on the of conway and charles would be torn down and need new of reno would be constructed at that intersection -- and a new arena would be constructed at that intersection. >> the old portion of the convention center built in 1979 ,ould be torn down and rebuild or doubling the current size of the convention center. days,the next 30 days 60 the bbc hopes to have a presentation of the concept for the mayor. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> an anti- degree day in baltimore in august is not unusual, but we have had far fewer this year than last year.
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it certainly felt muddy out there. the average high is 86 degrees. nine degrees short of the record 99 set in 1900. , 18 times the temperature has hit 90 or higher. on the 12th of august last year, we have already had 41 days over 100. near 100. -- up not nearly as many days this year over last year. things are looking pretty good. 85 of the played out right now. 75 degrees in frost bird. showers approaching, but far from baltimore now.
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a little bit of clout cover starting to spread in and storms popping up in western virginia and western pennsylvania. of this activity will gradually move toward baltimore. we have a better chance for a shower or even in overnight thunderstorm. we have been mostly on the warm side of this stalled out front. just 68 at international falls right now. another beautiful weather pattern beginning wednesday. is whereow shaded area the national weather service is indicating a slight risk for severe thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and evening.
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scatteredcome more after lunchtime tomorrow. if you're going to do some boating and fishing tomorrow, keep an eye on the sky. we will likely see some showers and storms crossing the bay. almostezy, cool, and fall-like in western maryland wednesday and thursday. shore, look for a beautiful day on wednesday. a nice day on thursday as well. showers and storms on the close tomorrow. they're not on wednesday, a beautiful beach weather on thursday. beautiful weather around here by thursday. ideal weather for football on thursday. unsettled late in the weekend.
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>> the ravens saw a couple of positive developments in training camp today. the first time today after some shoulder surgery. in the past two days, the ravens got 26 years' worth of receiving experience. now in his 15th year, stoically, a former member of the ravens team, knows how to get the crowd. offensive quarter -- the offensive coordinator served as the quarterbacks coach. stowevalley and dallas clark means jim caldwell has a lot more options.
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the >> like to have them. they both have talent and have been very productive in their careers. we're glad to have an opportunity to throw them in the mix. it makes for a more competitive atmosphere. railsow stop on the westcoast is -- the last stop on the orioles and west coast swing. adam jones hopes to receive far better treatment than he did last night in san francisco. not say anything to the media, but following the session he put out on twitter that a fan blew -- through a bin and had him in the bottom of the ninth inning. him inughout a banana at the bottom of the ninth inning. not identified the person who did so.
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pitchingok at the matchup. scott feldman will be starting for the orioles tonight. wheda miley goes for almost unbeatable. the o's and the diamondbacks tonight in arizona. stick around for the forecast.
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>> will tell you about a resolution introduced in the wake of the george zimmerman verdict and how it could impact the state of florida. we are monitoring developments as jurors consider elements in the murder for hire case of
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>> some showers and storms, but gradually clearing through the evening. that means from -- beautiful weather if wednesday through friday.
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on the broadcast tonight, sudden impact. a huge sinkhole swallows parts of a resort near disney. people shocked out of bed in the middle of the night as the earth opened up beneath them. tonight, more evacuations and some answers about why this keeps happening. guilty of murder and crimes in a decades-long reign's
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terror. a closer look at one of the most feared mob bosses in america and trial that gripped the city of boston. crime and punishment. big news on two fronts. why the feds want to send fewer people to prison, and can police really stop and search you for no good reason? and in a flash -- faster than the speed of sound, cheaper than getting on an airplane. tonight a big idea to revolutionize travel as we know it. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening, i'm lester holt sitting in tonight for brian. what an incredibly close call in a resort near disney world when the ground literally opened up beneath them as many slept. what it looks like from above the scene now in clermont, florida, where a massive sink hole opened up overnight
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chancing much of the resort structure. more than 100 people were forced to evacuate. some under harrowing conditions, remarkably no one was killed. nbc's kerry sanders is there with late details. kerry, i assume you're on firm ground right now, but how big a danger area at risk is there? >> reporter: well, good evening, lester. they've moved up three city blocks fearing the sinkhole would continue to grow. the problem actually begins about 20 to 100 feet down where there's limestone. rainwater goes through the earth and hit that limestone and it can cause it to dissolve. that is a recipe for disaster. >> we need to know what room everybody was in. >> reporter: shortly after 3:00 in the morning, maggie started her camera during the chaos. she says it came without warning while on vacation with family and friends from virginia, she
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heard a single window pop its frame, then another and another. at first she thought it was someone in a fight. >> glass flying. people jumping out of windows. luggage flying out of windows, people trying to salvage what they could. >> to me, it sounded like popcorn popping. porti pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: in all evacuating 1 a 5 tourists here on vacation. >> people were sleeping. i literally had to wake them up and tell them get out of the building. >> reporter: why do sinkholes occur? in florida, sandy clay all supporteon a layer of limestone. limestone is like a strainer. the water migrates down and hits florida's underground river, but when there is too much rain or a drought it can create a void like a balloon with air. as that void gets bigger, the earth on top becomes too heavy, and the balloon pops, causing a catastrophic event. a sinkhole. >> geologists say they know when conditions aree


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